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Face masks are required for all Rescueboat Expeditions! 
You are to bring your own face mask.


Gently bobbing on the Waddensea. The sun keeps setting lower towards the horizon and creates a magical golden glow across the water. Listen to the rippling water and put an arm around your lover as you both enjoy this romantic cruise across the Waddensea.

After an intimate cruise we will return to Waddenpavilion De Noorman where you can enjoy a three-course-dinner.


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€ 75 p.p. (2 person minimum)

Price private cruise 
€ 350,-
(based on 2 persons)

Starter from the menu
Main course from the menu
Dessert from the menu

Total duration cruise

45 minutes


Lauwersoog – Waddenpavilion De Noorman

Sunset Experience

Classic romance is enjoying a sunset together. Now you can while cruising along the Waddensea. Set sail with us on a small 12 person rescueboat during the sunset. An easy going cruise aiming to let you enjoy the Waddensea, a stunning view and each other.

We will meet you at Waddenpavilion De Noorman. Here you can safely leave any personal belongings. Then we will set foot aboard our boat, located right besides De Noorman en set sail toward the Waddensea.

Once at sea we will keep an easy and relaxing pace. Our skipper will stop every now and then so you can enjoy the view without distractions.

Halfway we will turn around and return to De Noorman where a table will be waiting for you.

There you can reminisce and enjoy the view over the Waddensea and the harbour of Lauwersoog and a three-course-dinner. You are free to choose a starter, main course and dessert from the menu. Menu.

Tip: We recommend getting ‘The Fish Tasting’. A wide selection of fresh fish, prepared in different ways. Served on a big platter and meant for sharing.

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Keep it dry!
Prevent getting wet by the waves or rain. 
Rent a raincoat + trousers for € 5,-
Ask the skipper before departure. 

Cruises can be moved or cancelled due to unforseen circumstances, bad weather predictions or insufficient participants. 

If so, we will contact you as soon as possible through the provided contact information.