Frequently Asked Questions

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Beleef Lauwersoog is open all year round for organising activities, parties, gatherings and meetings.

Click here for up-to-date opening hours of Waddenpavilion De Noorman.

Yes, we have free Wi-Fi for our guests. Connect to ‘Network Name’ to gain access.

Your faithful four legged companion is very welcome for most places and locations. However, we do ask to keep your dog on a leash and clean up any ‘happy mistakes’. This so other guests do not experience any inconvenience.

Waddenpavilion De Noorman
Dogs are allowed both indoor and outdoor. We’ve got a bowl of water on standby so he/she can have a refreshing drink too.

Aboard our ships
Dogs are allowed on board of our touring boats, the MS Silverwind and De Lauwers.

During activities
Most activities that take place in nature are not suited for dogs because of the wild life.

Dogs are not allowed to go along on the sandbank outings, the have to stay on the ship.
Dogs are not allowed to go on our rescueboat expeditions.

A special dog beach with access to the Lauwersmeer Lake can be found here!


De Rescueboot Expedities vertrekken zowel vanaf Lauwersoog als vanaf Schiermonnikoog.

Rescueboat Expeditions can start from either Lauwersoog or Schiermonnikoog Isle. 

The starting point in Lauwersoog is on the pier right besides Waddenpavilion De Noorman.

The starting point on Schiermonnikoog Isle is de Veerdam. Where also the regular ferry arrives and departures.

Whether or not the Rescuboat Expedition is suited for your kid is decision we leave with the parents. Whether or not it is suited is strongly dependant on the child itself. We do not have a strict minimum age requirement. However, we do not recommend bringing babies or toddlers. It is recommended the child is able to sit up straight in a proper manner by itself.

The Seal Experience a relative calm ride and suited for most younger children. The skipper will always adjust the sailing speed for the youngest passenger.

The Rescueboat Experience is more diverse ride is designed to have a few higher speed sections. Bringing younger children could mean that the speeds will be kept low during the entire ride. On this ride the skipper will always adjust sailing speeds on the youngest passenger. 

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the Rescueboat.

Dogs are allowed on the bigger cruise ship the MS Silverwind.